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Why us?

All For Body is the largest group of healthy lifestyle specialists. We care not only for your personal training. Our experts take care of you before, during, and after the workout. We offer physiotherapy, diet, massage, and individually prepared catering.
No matter what your aim is, we can help you achieve it.


services tailored to you
According to your needs, but also taking into account your current lifestyle, we will create a training that will easily integrate into your daily life. We always put your expectations first!


correct technique and solid effects
Our specialists represent the highest level of knowledge and experience. Training, which is actively involved in enhancing the weaker muscles so far as well as counteracting the injury with proper technique.

Experienced team

professionalism and maximum motivation
A good specialist is not only an educated trainer, but first of all a person who can use his knowledge. Our specialists go through an exam that examines their competencies but also take part in regular trainings.







Opinions of our Clients

I’m very grateful for Kasia’s help. I didn’t expect so spectacular effects! I’ve finally achieved my goal! – Natalia

I’m training with Maciek whenever I’m in Krakow. He gives me power and energy. After trainings I have so much energy, that I’m starting to think that I’m a little addicted to them. Thank you Maciek for all your support and great fun on each session. John C.

We’ve been training with Wojtek for 6 months now. Getting into shape after baby was not an easy task, but we’ve done it. Now we work out not to lose weight but to keep our bodies healthy and have fun.Basia i Ola

Mr. Radek motivated me to set new goals. My choice was ambitious – triathlon.  After 3 months, I took part in the first contest, and now I am ready for more. I feel great! My condition has never been so good. Thank you very much Radek. Marek